Areas of Focus

Identity – Shame vs. humility, personal transformation and re-creation

Adolescence – Individuation / separation. Peer and family influences. Perfection vs self acceptance

Young adulthood – Emotional and financial independence

Men’s & Woman’s Issues – Cultural conditioning, gender identity, sexuality

Relationship Issues & Dynamics – Communication skills, intimacy, co-dependence

Partnering & Parenting – Sharing power and purpose, communication and love

Aging & Life Transitions – Moving on, transformation and re-creation

Grieving – Resolving anger, outrage, guilt, sorrow and loss. Allowing feelings, valuing Self

Addiction – Finding fulfillment & healing

Mood – Processing anxiety & depression, PTSD, self-soothing and coping skills, mindfulness

Spiritual Growth – Meaning, purpose, inner guidance. Meditation & peace in everyday life. Knowing one’s true Self. Experiencing the miraculous and trusting the unknown.

Dreamwork & Divination – Magic and wonder at work in your life. Synchronicity

Welcome to a journey of healing and self discovery

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