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Jane Ajaya

Psychotherapist, MSEd, MSW, LCSW

After a 40 year career, I bring practice wisdom, science, compassion, spirituality and humor to each session. I draw from many schools of psychology as well as meditation and sometimes divination in my work with you. With two masters degrees, I have a strong grip on logic, evidence and research that is balanced by my spirituality, empathy and intuition.

Life is challenging; we all have deep fears and griefs and so many questions. Counseling helps to create clarity and perspective and teaches skills for self regulation and self soothing. I help people in their relationship to themselves and to their lives and to be able to assert their truth in a powerful and non-conflictual way in their relationships with others. Self acceptance, self love and self empowerment are steps in our process. I highlight the power of your unexamined thoughts and beliefs to create and sustain suffering and clear away self sabotage. I can help you move forward with a vision and not fail to enjoy the moment that you’re in. That’s the journey.

I can walk beside you. I can say that after so many years, finally, it is loving acceptance of one’s self and the openness to limitless learning that bring forth the most beautiful flowering from even the darkest muck.

My primary academic background is in education and psychology. I’ve worked in lots of situations: schools, alternative schools, therapy schools, nursing homes, mental hospitals and agencies while maintaining a private practice since 1991. I’m also married and divorced. I’m a grandmother and a gardener and a poet. I’ve practiced meditation since 1972. I co-owned a store named Shakti in Madison WI for a while. I worked as an account executive in corporate communications in the NYC/NJ marketplace in the 1980’s.

And everywhere I saw our culture and our beliefs at work. I saw trauma hiding in plain sight.
I studied the systems that affect our lives: family, gender, economy, religion, education.

I’ve also seen miracles, felt visited by angels and ancestors and participated in Native American Church Medicine Circle ceremonies. The fruits of these experiences will also nurture our time together.

I look forward to meeting you!


Mission Statement

Jane Ajaya’s mission is to promote balance, harmony and fulfillment in human experience,

at the individual level and the interpersonal level, in couples, families and groups..  A balanced, emotionally self-regulating human being or interpersonal relationship is able to function with a minimum of unnecessary friction and resistance.  This means that a flow of information, emotion, resources and talent is allowed without blockage or damage.

Psychologically, it is a healthy individual, relationship and/or family system.

Jane  intends to provide in-person and telehealth counseling/coaching for individuals, couples and families seeking a better personal and interpersonal experience in life and those seeking freedom from the suffering of conditioned, outmoded patterns of behavior and thinking.

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