Jane Ajaya,

Psychotherapist & Life Coach

More of us are choosing to work from home. Even before the pandemic, many find driving to another appointment stressful or difficult with childcare needs or any kind of limitation, like chronic pain. My practice is becoming more flexible and available via phone and video channels. My office space in Doylestown is spacious and is only occupied by my clients and I so distancing is easy and comfortable. Both options are available for every appointment.


Client Testimonials:

  • Working with Jane for the past two years has been nothing less than a transformative and life-changing experience. Having had many therapists over the years, my work with Jane has been deeper, more life enriching, and far more fruitful than my many years of therapy combined prior to working with Jane. Compassionate, empathetic, wise, well-informed, and drawing from an array of skills, training, and philosophies in order to meet me right where I am as an individual, my experience of Jane has been simply amazing. For friends of mine who have embarked on what can be an overwhelming and scary search for a good therapist, I have with confidence recommended Jane and will continue to do so. Jane’s peaceful and serene presence has in itself served as a safe space to do healing inner work and experience calms in life’s storms.

    Brooke F
  • Over the years, due to relocations, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several different psychologists and been very fortunate in that all were quite good. I started working with Jane only about four months ago and realized from the start that she is, from my perspective, truly exceptional. Very early on, Jane demonstrated her wonderful ability to quite quickly understand who I am and very effectively address the things I want and/or need to. Her approach made me, almost immediately, feel completely comfortable with her, and recognize that she’d be an extremely valuable resource for me in my life. She has a special ability to help me learn about myself and how I can best address my own specific needs and situations. Our interactions and relationship have made me feel as though I’ve known her for many years and can completely trust her, and her ability to recognize and help me address what’s important for me, in a way that feels like it’s customized specifically to be appropriate for me. Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend Jane to anyone looking to work with a professional who can be that resource in their own life.

    Marty S
  • "Jane Ajaya is a deeply compassionate, experienced, thoughtful therapist. She continuously offers a balanced perspective of deep empathy mixed with the ability to point out things about your experience that you very much need to hear. I have never once felt judged, misunderstood, or unheard in our sessions - which is the exact environment one needs to embrace actual healing. Her capacity for understanding is rivaled only by the depth of her experience that allows her to truly, personally relate to what you've been through. Jane is truly a special therapist, and a special person who is deserving of the deepest praise. I am truly grateful to have heard her stories, knowledge, humor, and perspective as it has benefited my development in a rather profound manner." Love, Jack

  • It takes a special professional to walk into a loving family and assist all who wish to turn their own good into a collective great. Jane’s work steps with kindness, knowledge, curiosity and fearless courage. Her words gently pull all feelings out and name them as one’s truth. Jane then circles back like a friendly lioness helping clients create their own life’s action plan of joy, bliss and fulfillment. Jane’s work is daring, melting any dusty preconditions and assumptions away leaving room for one’s chosen customized growth plan with a gentle smiling nudge to act. Jane celebrates life with a keen sense of cherishing opportunity and encourages release of any energy sucking time wasters. Jane’s work leaves no room for self doubt or blame. She artfully pulls out ones story like a tribal chief only to help one see where they have come from so they may choose a self directed path nurturing one’s own dreams not necessarily ones chosen by others. I am so very grateful to have Jane working with me and my loving family. Five stars! Namaste

    Todd M

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